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If you want to strut your stuff in designer wear but don't really have the budget to afford that kind of quality - think again!  Name Droppers is a specialist clothing store that sources cherished designer clothing that is no longer worn but has hardly any wear to stock in our incredible shop, packed with nearly-new designer bargains!

We have a fantastic range of top quality, branded handbags and ladies, we all know how expensive they are!  We also know that high-quality designer handbags never go out of style and so us mere mortals on normal incomes can get years of use from the amazing bargains available at Name Droppers. You're guaranteed to find something to suit the occasion and also that you'll be the only guest with your handbag!  It's great when people compliment your choices and even better when you know they can't get it anywhere themselves.  Quite rights, all ladies want to be unique and Name Droppers gives you the opportunity, without breaking the bank!

If you want to be sure your latest fashion purchase is a one-off piece that you won't see duplicated anywhere near you, you'll find what you're looking for at Name Droppers in Odessa, TX.  We are scrupulous in our buying and only take pieces that have been valued and hardly worn so that you know you're always getting an amazing deal!  Why should designer clothing be the domain of the rich and famous, especially if they are only going to wear something once!  Get your hands on some top quality celebrity cast-offs at Name Droppers today!

Be sure to stand out from the crowd in an eye catching ensemble that originally cost multiple times more than you paid for it!  Get a taste of the designer lifestyle and come shop with us at Name Droppers!

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